The Right to Keep and Bear Chickens

You’ll see me spending a considerable amount of time on this site advocating for Oxford Township to allow the keeping and raising of chickens for all property owners.


Because of all the devices critical for self-reliance, raising livestock is the only one that is currently not allowed within our township. While I can certainly understand the desire of our township officials to create an atmosphere of a modern township, wishing to separate from the farm community standing we once held, Americans are waking up to a new reality: complete reliance on the outside world will certainly lead to disaster. If Oxford were hit with a natural or man-made disaster that would cut us off from the outside world for even a few weeks, many would find themselves without food, safe water, or even heat within a matter of days.

This is not common-sense living.

The homesteader understands the importance of self-reliancy. Gardens, reuseable energy (wood, solar), and food storage are just pieces to the overall picture of self-reliance. Livestock is an essential piece to the puzzle. Without it, we’ll find ourselves just as desperate as the guy who lives day to day.

Oxford should strive toward self-reliance for its residents and sustainability for the community. While a couple of chickens in the backyard may not seem like much, it is a big step toward assurance that a family can survive through any unforeseen disaster. Even if that disaster is nothing more than a lost job.

Did you know that 93% of major U.S. cities now allow backyard chickens? Check out this link and see how many have allowed their residents to make their own choice in this regard.

Wednesday night I’ll be attending the Oxford Township Board meeting at 7pm to advocate for the right to keep chickens and other small livestock. Please join me if you can. If I’ve discovered anything during my limited involvement in politics is that a few people can make a huge difference, especially at the local level. The meeting is held at the old Veterans Hall at 28 N. Washington Street on the second floor. Park in the lot behind Red Knapp’s.

I hope to see you there. Every day is one more step toward self-sufficiency!

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