About Oxford Homesteaders

We live in the most prosperous, modern nation on Earth. Americans have built themselves a level of comfort that even our grandparents couldn’t imagine. And we certainly hope that never changes.

But what if  it does?

The problem we face is our dependence on electrity, water, food, and gas provided from locations hundreds or even thousdands of miles from our homes. Many were shocked several years ago when a simple power outage spread to the entire northwest and all the way to Michgian. Many were without power for weeks.

As I write this a hurricane is bearing down on, of all places, New York and the entire east coast. How long will those folks be without electricity, fresh water, maybe even food?

As if natural disasters weren’t enough, we know now that terrorists are constantly searching for ways to disrupt our way of life. Something as simple as a computer virus could throw us into a state of emergency. An EMP (Electro-megnatic-pulse) generated from the sun or a nuclear warhead detonated in the atmosphere would wipe out anything that requires electricity permanently. It would take at least a year to recover.

A year without electricity, outside food, water, medications?  Millions would die. Simply because they couldn’t get food or water in the most natural-resource rich nation on Earth.

Those reasons, among others, are why more people are turning to homesteading, or “prepping” as some prefer. Homesteading is simply a matter of creating an environment that frees you and your family from reliance on the outside world.

That’s why we’re here. To share ideas in our local community. When neighbors band together and cooperate, we can survive the worst of natural or man-made disasters. So join our little group. Connect on facebook first. We’ll move on from there (facebook is a bit useless when there’s no power). Let’s make sure that Oxford is self-sufficient and strong for a long time to come.

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